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Lakes Area Elder Care Services

Dori’s Doves is committed to providing compassionate and dignified elder care for individuals and families in Detroit Lakes and the surrounding area. Contact us today to find out more about how we can fit into your loved one's care team. 


Dori's Doves exists to serve individuals during the later stages of life. We provide guidance on advance care planning and end-of-life preparations, patient literacy and advocacy, and non-medical support of the elderly. We're here to support you with everything from helping carry out the small tasks of everyday life to providing guidance on the bigger, life-altering decisions you'll face as a caregiver.


You are not alone. We are here to come alongside you and your family as you process all that is happening. We're dedicated to serving you in this time of need whether you're one of our clients or a visitor to our website. Here you'll find links to learning resources, stories of personal experiences, and information about other services in the area. 

As someone who has gone through the death of a parent, I can say that having Kathy by our side was a great comfort. She has such a kind, calm, & caring personality which brought peace during a difficult time. She now continues to bless our family by her weekly visits with my mom, who is not only dealing with the loss of her husband, but also with her own failing health. My mom looks forward to these visits with her. Because of our past experiences with Kathy, I would highly recommend her services during this important time of life.


Kathy from Dori’s Doves LLC has been a lifesaver to our family. The Elder Care Services she provides is top notch. You will never meet a more kind, patient and caring individual as Kathy. When Kathy walks into a room, the room just lights up with her presence. This year our family have transitioned our elderly parents into an assisted living apartment after living in their home for many years. This is a big change not only for our parents but us adult children too as caregivers for them. Kathy has helped relieve the stress not only for our parents but for us caregivers as well. Kathy takes the time to get to know each of our parent’s likes/dislikes and plans activities that each of our parents enjoy doing when we are busy at work. They look forward to the days that she visits. It is such a peace of mind for us knowing that our parents are out having fun when we can’t be there. Kathy has become one of our family! We would highly recommend you contacting Kathy to see how she can help your family.


I am very grateful that we have Kathy by our side to guide us through the new crossroad in life of our parents. Kathy's care giving services provide our parents with the continued independent quality of life that they deserve at this time in their lives. Having Kathy by my parents and our families side gives me a peace of mind living so far away from them.


Kathy has been a Godsend to our family. She is warm, caring, and very patient. She is a genuinely good person who has found her calling in life. I highly recommend Dori’s Doves to anyone in need of help with a loved one. Kathy completely understands dementia and all that goes along with it. We love and appreciate her.



Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

(218) 849-0631

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